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Posts tagged as “Appellate Court of Illinois”

Illinois App. Court (1st Dist) Holds Bank Did Not Reasonably Rely on Borrowers’ Misrepresentations

The Illinois Court of Appeals for the First District recently held a bank was not justified in relying on borrowers’ misrepresentations made during a loan modification process, where the borrowers’ prior conduct presented the bank with reason to follow up on the borrowers’ misrepresentations, and the misrepresentations would not have been hard to discover.

Illinois App. Court (1st Dist) Holds Description of Property Improvements in Notice of Foreclosure Sale Was Sufficient

The Appellate Court of Illinois, First District, recently affirmed a trial court order confirming the sale of a foreclosed property, holding that a public notice of sale stating that the property contained a “single family residence” complied with the Illinois Foreclosure Law’s requirement to sufficiently describe “improvements on the real estate.” 

Illinois App. Court (1st Dist) Holds No Waiver of KCRO Rights When Tenant Accepted Untimely Lease Extension Offer

The Court of Appeals of Illinois, First District, recently held that the successful bidder at a foreclosure sale must "strictly comply" with the Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance and that the tenant’s acceptance of a mortgagee’s untimely lease extension offer did not waive her rights under the KCRO.

Illinois App. Court (2nd Dist) Rejects Post-Sale Challenge to Foreclosure Service of Process

The Appellate Court of Illinois, Second District, recently held that jurisdictional defects in service of process that did not affirmatively appear on the face of the foreclosure court record protected the rights of an innocent third-party foreclosure against the claims of the borrower.

Illinois App. Court (1st Dist) Rejects Borrower’s Attempt to Undo Foreclosure Based on Improper Service

The Appellate Court of Illinois, First District, held that a borrower’s petition to vacate a final foreclosure order based on allegedly improper service filed six months after the borrower first participated in the foreclosure action was time-barred under the Illinois Mortgage Foreclosure Law. Accordingly, the Appellate Court affirmed the ruling of the trial court dismissing the borrower’s petition. A copy of the opinion in Wells Fargo Bank v. Roundtree is available at:  Link to Opinion. In September 2015, the plaintiff mortgagee instituted a foreclosure action against the defendant borrower after she defaulted on her mortgage loan.  The mortgagee served the…