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Rhode Island ‘Expired Debt Act’ More Than Name Implies

On Jan. 7, the Expired Debt Act (EDA) was introduced in the Rhode Island House of Representatives and referred to the House Committee on Judiciary.  The bill was introduced by State Representatives Shekarchi, Solomon, Regunberg, McEntee, and Craven. Since 2007, Rhode Island has had its own Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (RIFDCPA) that is, for

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Maine Amends Debt Collection Statute, Bills Pending in Other States

Maine has amended its statute regulating debt collection while bills regarding debt collection are pending in other states. ¬†Here’s a breakdown of Maine’s amendments: Written or Court Entered Settlement and Payment Agreements Settlement agreements must be in a writing or entered in “open court” or “approved by the court and included in a court order.”

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