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Class Actions

9th Cir. Denies Plaintiffs’ Remand Motion, Holds FCRA ‘Informational and Privacy Interests’ Sufficient for Standing

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently affirmed the trial court's denial of a motion for a remand to state court and the dismissal of the plaintiffs' class action suit alleging violations of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act by a credit reporting agency. 

Mass. SJC Holds Attorney for Deceased Named Putative Class Plaintiff Could Not Act for Putative Class

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the state’s highest court, recently held that (1) the attorney for a named putative class plaintiff who is deceased does not have authority to act on behalf of the deceased plaintiff absent a motion by the deceased’s legal representative; and (2) in limited circumstances, trial courts may sua sponte order notice to putative class members prior to certification only when absent notice the putative class members would face significant prejudice.

11th Cir. Holds CAFA Does Not Allow Appeals from Sua Sponte Remand Orders

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit recently held that it did not have jurisdiction to consider a defendant’s motion for leave to appeal in a case that was previously removed to federal court pursuant to the federal Class Action Fairness Act after the federal trial court sua sponte remanded the case back to state court.

Calif. App. Court (1st Dist) Holds Bail Bond Premium Finance Agreements Are Consumer Credit

The Court of Appeal of the State of California, First Appellate District, recently affirmed a trial court's order enjoining a bail bonds company from enforcing bail bond premium financing agreements on a classwide basis on the ground that the statutory notice pursuant to California Civil Code section 1799.91 had not been provided.

2nd Cir. Upholds Dismissal of TCPA ‘Unsolicited Advertisement’ Putative Class Action

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit recently affirmed the dismissal of a putative class action alleging that an unsolicited faxed invitation to participate in a market research survey in exchange for money was an "unsolicited advertisement" under the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

9th Cir. Reverses Dismissal of Loan Officer’s Putative Class Claims Pursuant to Arbitration Agreement

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently reversed a trial court's order dismissing a putative class action complaint and granting the defendant lender’s motion to compel arbitration pursuant to an arbitration agreement with the plaintiff loan officer.