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Posts published by “Maurice Wutscher LLP”

The attorneys of Maurice Wutscher are seasoned business lawyers with substantial experience in business law, financial services litigation and regulatory compliance. They represent consumer and commercial financial services companies, including depository and non-depository mortgage lenders and servicers, as well as mortgage loan investors, financial asset buyers and sellers, loss mitigation companies, third-party debt collectors, and other financial services providers. They have defended scores of putative class actions, have substantial experience in federal appellate court litigation and bring substantial trial and complex bankruptcy experience. They are leaders and influencers in their highly specialized area of law. They serve in leadership positions in industry associations and regularly publish and speak before national audiences.

8th Cir. Holds Future Advances Clause Applied to Separate Business Loans to Co-Mortgagor

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit recently held that the language of a future advances clause entitled the foreclosing mortgagee to the surplus proceeds of a condominium sale where there was an outstanding balance owed to same mortgagee on separate business loans extended to a different co-mortgagor.

5th Cir. Holds TPP Allowed for ‘Grace Period,’ Servicer Breached TPP by Not Providing Permanent Mod

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit recently reversed a trial court’s judgment in favor of a mortgage servicer ruling that the servicer had violated its obligations under a Trial Period Plan in connection with a proposed loan modification when the servicer failed to offer a permanent loan modification after the borrower made payments in compliance with the “grace period” provisions of the TPP.

Illinois App. Court (1st Dist) Holds ‘Continuing’ Guaranty Applied to Later Issued Note Obligation

The Illinois Court of Appeals, First District, recently affirmed a trial court’s order granting summary judgment in favor of a creditor against a guarantor, finding that the guaranty was continuing and therefore applied to a later note obligation, even though the note was issued some two years after the guaranty.

Maryland High Court Rules CLEC Requires Forfeiture of Treble the Prohibited Interest and Fees Collected

The Maryland Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, recently held that under Maryland Commercial Law Article § 12-1018(b), a credit grantor that knowingly violates the Maryland Credit Grantor Closed End Credit Provisions is required to forfeit treble the amount of interest, fees, and charges collected in violation of the subtitle.

Illinois App. Court (2nd Dist) Holds February 2020 Foreclosure Judgment Not Affected by COVID Moratoria

The Appellate Court of Illinois, Second District, recently affirmed a trial court’s order denying a borrower’s motions to vacate a foreclosure judgment and for leave to file an untimely answer and counterclaims, and the subsequent motion to reconsider, finding the trial court’s decision did not result in substantial injustice.