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Posts tagged as “Statutes of Limitation”

Indiana Supreme Court Explains 3 Options Available to Mortgagees as to Statutes of Limitations

The Indiana Supreme Court recently held that there are important legal differences between closed-end installment contracts (such as ordinary mortgage loans) and open-end accounts (such as HELOCs) when considering statute of limitations, and there is no need to impose a rule of reasonableness when a lender sues for payment on a closed-end installment contract.

Texas Supreme Court Upholds Contractual Waiver of Statute of Limitations for Deficiency Claims

The Supreme Court of Texas held that the contractual waiver of the statute of limitations on deficiency claims contained in a guaranty agreement was sufficiently “specific and for a reasonable time” as to be enforceable and not void as against public policy. Accordingly, the Texas…

A Tale of Two Fishers: Unsettling Ohio’s ‘Well-Settled Law’ on the Proper Statute of Limitations for Mortgage Foreclosure Actions

• A bankruptcy court in Ohio recently applied the incorrect statute of limitations in a mortgage foreclosure action. • Ohio’s statute of limitations jurisprudence has evolved from an accepted legal proposition derived from one opinion to supposedly well-settled law stating the complete opposite in another…