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Illinois App. Court (1st Dist) Holds Mortgagee’s Affidavit for Alternative Service Fatally Deficient

The Appellate Court of Illinois, First District, recently vacated a default foreclosure judgment in favor of a mortgagee and against a borrower because the mortgagee’s affidavit in support of its motion for alternative service did not establish the required due diligence demonstrating the investigation made to determine the borrower’s whereabouts, and the trial court therefore

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Fla. App. Court (1st DCA) Holds Borrowers Waived FHA’s ‘Face to Face’ Requirement as Affirmative Defense

The District Court of Appeal of Florida, First District, recently held that borrowers waive their affirmative defense that a mortgagee did not comply with HUD’s “face-to-face” condition precedent to foreclosure when they fail to raise the defense until their closing argument at trial. The First District also held that even if the borrowers had timely

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Illinois App. Court (2nd Dist) Holds FHA’s ‘Face to Face’ Meeting Not Required When Loan Discharged in Bankruptcy

The Appellate Court of Illinois, Second District, recently affirmed summary judgment in favor of a mortgagee that failed to meet the FHA requirement to either have a face-to-face meeting with the borrowers or to make “a reasonable effort” to arrange a face-to-face meeting before filing foreclosure, because doing so would have been a futile act

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