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Florida Court Reverses Foreclosure Judgment, But Remands Without Involuntary Dismissal

The District Court of Appeal of Florida, Second District, recently reversed a final judgment of foreclosure, holding that the mortgagee failed to properly establish the amount of its damages. However, the Appellate Court further held that because the borrower failed to move for dismissal at the close of evidence, the proper remedy was reversal and

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Maurice & Needleman and McGinnis Wutscher Are Now Maurice Wutscher

You may have noticed a new firm logo on our site. I’m very happy to announce the merger of Maurice & Needleman with financial services law firm McGinnis Wutscher. The alliance enables us to provide the services of 24 lawyers in 10 offices in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest and West. We now have offices in Chicago, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Miami, San Diego,

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